There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been an extraordinary year. Since March, Community Memorial Healthcare System (CMHS) has treated over 1,000 patients that have tested positive for COVID-19 through our hospital, outpatient, and emergency department services. Although we have all been affected in some way by the global pandemic, our CMHS healthcare professionals see firsthand the devastating effects the coronavirus can have on patients and their families. This is *Jake’s story.

An Important Call

After testing positive for the coronavirus and becoming seriously ill, Jake had been sedated for several weeks in the Community Memorial Hospital Intensive Care Unit as part of his treatment. When he woke up, he was disorientated and didn’t realize where he was or how long he had been there, and he struggled to adapt to the patterns of day and night. Thankfully, he responded well to the most current and effective treatments using state-of-the-art equipment available right here at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH). Due to pandemic restrictions, visiting Jake in the hospital was not an option. Despite this, his family found a way to connect and support him by staying on the phone for over 19 hours straight, helping him acclimate back to the rhythms of life. When he was finally able to return home, Jake’s CMH medical care team celebrated and recognized how important our new hospital, highly trained medical staff and family support were to his recovery process.

Calling Attention to Our Community

With hundreds of patients like Jake coming to CMH for help, our physicians and staff are continually adapting to meet the rising healthcare needs of our community.

For example, earlier this year the Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation (CMHF) purchased an ultraviolet cleaning machine, which uses UV light to fight the spread of COVID-19, and an ultrasound system for our busy Labor & Delivery Department to help monitor our littlest patients. These gifts were made possible through donations from people like you in our community. CMHF’s sole purpose is to support CMH and its greatest needs, and your generosity means that we continue to be able to offer critical support to CMH.

Now We Are Calling On YOU

We ask that you consider making a donation to the Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation today to secure our healthcare for now and the future. Every donation makes a difference to countless patients like Jake. When you donate to CMHF, you are choosing the best healthcare for you, your family and friends.

Jake is now home and recovering thanks to the excellent care he received at CMH. With your support, we will be able to continue to share success stories about how your generosity is healing and saving lives.

Thank you in advance for giving, and for calling us your choice for healthcare.

Best of health,

Lydia Hopps

President, Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation

*Name changed for privacy