Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation

About the Foundation

Just more than a quarter century ago, the non-profit Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation was formed with a mission of bringing together local citizens to help Community Memorial Hospital in its efforts to offer the highest quality healthcare facilities, programs and services for the citizens of Ventura County. The Foundation is the manifestation of the belief that the efforts of many citizens working together can positively affect the quality of care here in Ventura County.

What is the Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation?
The Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the basic mission of providing meaningful ways to educate the community regarding the service capabilities of Community Memorial Hospital; to work with the community to develop new services at CMH; and to raise funds for the development, operation and maintenance of those services.

Who governs the Foundation?
The Foundation is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors comprised of citizens from throughout the area. These men and women volunteer their time and receive no compensation.

Is the Foundation Nonprofit?
Yes. The Foundation was organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Laws of the State of California and has a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.

Who can become a member of the Foundation?
The Foundation seeks to involve, as members, citizens from throughout Ventura County. In selecting new Board members, the Board assesses current and anticipated needs related to Board composition, determining the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, influence and access to resources that the Board will need to consider in order to accomplish its future work.

Why is the Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation so important?
Each year that passes brings new advances in healthcare delivery and medical equipment technology. In order to keep pace with this rapidly changing healthcare environment, and in fact remain a leader at the forefront of the latest advances, Community Memorial Hospital built a new facility, to acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment, add new services, and develop new programs.

Although Community Memorial, a not-for-profit hospital, is in good financial health, the cost of providing the highest quality of care is continually rising. Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation will continue to play a vital role in CMH's ongoing "Commitment to Caring."