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Letter from the President of CMHF

Bill Kearney

Lydia Hopps, President

Dear Friends of Community Memorial Hospital:

As president of the Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation, I believe deeply in what the Foundation is doing in support of CMH. I want to share with you my thoughts on the goals we are working towards and the enormous enthusiasm that drives our work.

From the Foundation’s founding in 1984 to today, Foundation members have been the hospital’s voice in the community, educating and gaining support for CMH’s programs and services.

Today, our goals are even more “concrete,” as we look with considerable hope and anticipation towards the future. Our new structure facilitates improved health care for all of us; reflects the excellence of care that has already been provided; its design affords patients greater privacy and encourages the healing support of their families; and the need for the whole community’s support in making this community gem.

We pursue our goals because Community Memorial Hospital is worthy of our support and that of the entire community, but particularly because CMH is a beacon of hope, health care and caring. I invite you to join with us as an event participant, CMHF supporter and donor to help build our healthcare future together.

Lydia Hopps
Lydia Hopps
President, Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation